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Sunday, October 3, 2010

becoming a runner

our lovely bikes

It is so nice outside right now. October in N'awlins is like a Boston summer- the days are warm and then the nights are the teensiest tinniest bit chilly. Maybe I can wear long pants! But, my jeans can barely stretch up my thighs and then are two inches away from buttoning (no joke).
I am baking and eating desserts daily. I am also sitting on my butt on the couch searching for jobs, writing a blog, reading, watching tv…you get the picture. Which brings me to my new resolution: I am going to become a runner!

Let me first tell you: I hate running. I can honestly say I hate everything about running. I hate the thought of it. It just seeeems stupid, running around. I’m laughing now because I’m remembering Will Farrell in Anchorman talking about jogging and calling it “yogging.” But, back to my point- I really do hate running.

I actually have a long history of hating running. In middle school while the gym coach (who was a teacher my aunt and uncles had) screamed at us to do the President’s Challenge, or whatever it is called, I walked the entire mile. In high school I guess I may have jogged outside around my fathers house, but that was mostly because it was pretty. In college I did no physical activity until a roommate made me go to the gym with her and follow her strict routine. So, by the end of one summer I could work the elliptical or the treadmill for as long as I wanted and feel comfortable.

I don’t know who that girl on the treadmill was or how she came to be. But she definitely does not exist now. I know this because a few weeks ago I decided that I had to do something with my time and tried to go jogging around the neighborhood. Oh my goodness, it was hard. So, I gave up.

But becoming a runner has a lot more to it than just working off the cupcakes. I wrote my entire thesis on the mental health benefits and physical benefits of cardiovascular exercise (although I focused on children). I know that running will send some endorphins my way and lift my spirits. I think that will really help as I transition to living here. I also know that I dislike not being able to do something and for a long time I’ve wanted to be able to say that I am a runner. I just want to be able to run a few miles and not curl up in a ball on the side of the road. I want to accomplish this goal.

So, I decided to go running with Ben today. I've actually tried to start running a handful of times and after a few weeks I fail. This is why I need to go with Ben. He was kind enough to start the beginning of his normal run with a slow jog with me. (After we were done he ran for another hour +). While we “ran” he talked to me about how to run properly and kept a slow pace so that I didn’t overdue it. He also only took me a short distance so that I didn’t do too much the first day and give up tomorrow. We ran around the Garden District, looked at the great scenery, and went 1.30 miles. Not very long huh? But I had to stop halfway through because my lungs felt like exploding and I felt nauseous. YES, that is what kind of shape my body is in.

When we got home I felt great. The run was short and slow enough to get me going and not leave me exhausted. I went home and did my own yoga practice that left me feeling euphoric, peaceful, strong, and ready for anything.
I'm not sure I should have started today, but I really wanted to. The only problem was that yesterday we biked seven miles and then walked five. My poor leggies.

Now that I have put it out there that I am going to do this, I guess I have to. I'll probably run every other day at first and continue with a daily yoga practice. I'm excited that now I have to do this because I said I would. I'll keep checking in with my progress.
First day: 1.30miles.
audubon park

Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Beginnings

Um, hi?
Yah- i'm not sure what i'm doing here either. But, at least we're in the same boat (figuratively speaking, because i really wish i was on a boat- a nice little sailboat, but, i'm not). i'm in new orleans.


I guess i am going to blog.
And i'm hoping that the word blog is one of those words that not easily delineated and no one is quite sure what exactly makes or brakes a blog. In this way, mine might be acceptable.

Well, here is my idea for this blog. It will be about me. What i'm doing. What i'm thinking. What i'm experiencing.

Sound a little boring or monotonous, or even a little self-indulgent? It might be! But I thought that this would help some people stay connected with my life now that i'm down in this new world. (you still have to call me, if you're a caller.) Maybe, at times, it will be amusing.

In truth, i don't know where this is going. It might be that this is my first and last post. Or maybe this will turn into something great. Maybe it'll snowball into a jazzy experiment with some interesting theme that keeps you reading and me wanting to write. Or maybe it'll work out for a few months and then i'll have a job and give up.

I don't know what i'm doing. But, i do have a few rules for this thing
- i'm not going to post every single detail of my life (you don't want to hear about it)
- i'm not going to write whining/self-pity posts that make you want to crawl in bed and have a good cry
- i will not write about your lives. i won't get off the phone with you and type up your latest shenanigans because it's good readin.
- and, i will not confuse you're and your or its and it's. most likely.

So, here i go. maybe i should apologize in advance, haha, but that wouldn't be a great beginning. I'm hitting publish and running out of the house before i can stop myself....