Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This weekend, like many in New Orleans, there were festivals to keep my spirits up while Ben was busy. This one, however, marked the first one that I have been to where it wasn't too hot to enjoy it, and it wasn't too chilly either. It was just perfect outside for a day of live music, pups, and beer.
Saturday was Nola on Tap- An event put on by the Bulldog (bar/restaurant) and the LSPCA to benefit the LSCPA. Ben was busy until the afternoon but then we got to go together! The festival had free live music by a band that I really like- Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes! They also touted more than 200 brews- and you could get a tasting for $1! Once again, all moneys going to help rescue nola's dogs and cats.

Jim Hart's "singing oak"
$1 for a kiss!

Sunday Ben was busy studying for block two exams and I went for a bike ride thinking I was headed to Audubon park. Instead I stopped when I heard music and smelled yummy smells. Right on my path all of a sudden was a festival! This was the Magazine Street Blues Festival to benefit the police. I got to see another two great band this day too!
great local businesses
basil, tomato, mozzerella crepe
Beaucoup Nola Snoball!! The only one made with fresh juice- not syrup!
fun for kids!


  1. Okay I was done for when I saw the puppy at the kissing booth. HOW CUTE IS THAT. I want to go tot hat festival with Cassius. How fun!

  2. there's a festival for everyone here! and nola is a super dog-friendly city, everyone has one.