Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a little inspiration

Second run, done! 

Yup, that sounds totally ridiculous to be celebrating running twice this week, but I am. Both times I ran 1.30 miles around my neighborhood. My ankles are aching and every muscle is sore, but I am happy. I can do this. 
I also find that my home yoga practice is a little more daring after my runs- that's a perk.

But in my last post I forgot something important to this whole running business. Inspiration.
I don't know how many people know about "Ben does life" on YouTube. Well, the other day I stumbled upon a video of a man running his way out of obesity and depression. I couldn't stop crying! I actually just watched it again and the waterworks came. To be honest though, Taylor Swift's new video where she gets the cute family at the end made me cry today too. 

Although the video does have to do with someone running, I believe that the idea that you can do what you want to if you just do it can be applied to many situations. 

Watch this video and then go make that change that you've been thinking about:


  1. I think I feel inspired to do something every time I read one of your blogs! Tonight I made a healthier version of classic chocolate chip cookies- yumm!
    <3 I'll check out that video later- too late to be crying now ;)
    Miss you bida!
    Btw, even tho we weren't super close back in Boston, I still feel connected to you while reading this and feeling that my connection to Boston hasn't ended completely. believe it or not, I don't hear from too many people up there very often- guess they have jobs or school or something ;) So I guess what I want to say is thank you for doing this blog, even tho it's not for me haha, and for inspiring me!

  2. Hey! that's so great that reading this makes you feel inspired. It's funny, I still feel like Boston is my home, although I have no "family" there, only friends. And I know what you mean about talking to people back there- I don't want to have to say no i don't have a job yet, no i don't do anything, blahblahblah. I made this blog so that people could follow what I was doing. Actually, I first was going to be writing about New Orleans and bringing peoples attention to how much help and work the city still needs. But, it's super depressing to think about that and with my life right now I just couldn't.
    Anyway, I think about you all the time! We're both in the same boat- graduated and moved to other cities for our guys. It's just funny that you're in NYC because my family is there.
    You keep blogging too! I read it all the time. And call me anytime you feel like it!

  3. I've never heard about Ben before, but it's really inspiring...
    I also find that the greatest part about running is not the actual physical action, but the motivation beforehand. And I still can remember the motivation I felt, after I finished my first run...
    Keep going!