Sunday, October 24, 2010


Last weekend we were lucky enough to get out of New Orleans for a couple of days and visit Ben's dad, Kingsley, and Sally at their home in Louisville, Kentucky. The last time we were able to get there was three years ago in their old house!!
We got to catch up with stories, try a great Indian restaurant, take a twenty mile bike ride, meet Sally's family and their neighbors, and enjoy the cool air. Ooh and sleep in our big comfy bed, which is so much nicer than our bed here. Then, it was time to leave. Although NOLA really is growing on me, it was hard to go back to our every day lives here.
Here are some photos from our Louisville weekend adventure (I only took a few as being behind the camera was not a priority):

their garden really flourished

giant okra

that's one big slugger
catching letters at 21C hotel

train in Houston airport


  1. Great photos! That house is absolutely adorable. Looks like you guys had some great weather for your little vaca too :)

  2. Andy, right? They used it for the X-Games but i don't know what year. It was huuuge and these kids were flying around it like it was nothin. Are you still skating?

    Thanks Lauryn! I'm loving this camera. But the photos from the next post- the RUN post- are all from my iphone :)