Monday, November 22, 2010

meeting (some) goals

On October 3rd I decided to become a runner.
The plan was not to go full force for two or three weeks and then give up like I have before. I wanted to stick with it. I just wanted to say that I can do this if I really want to and give it a good try. I wanted to do it for myself. And I did, so far. Starting that day I put on my Lululemon's and ran around the Garden District three or four times a week. I ran 1.3 to 1.5 miles for the first few weeks. After every run I collapsed on my front steps and tried to catch my breath for five minutes. I also poured sweat- one time my landlord even commented on it. Then, after taking a few days off, I could easily run two miles. That was November first. Then, three days later I ran 2.57 miles. It was easy too! I wasn't out of breath at all and although things ached (all the joints in my legs) I could do it. Then all of sudden I was set back to my original one and a half miles... and it was a hard one and a half miles. I mean really hard. After half of a mile I thought that I could not pick my feet up off the streets anymore and that I'd have to stay in the street until the Garden District Police found me. But, I kept on going.
Last week, I ran only one time. It was just one of those weeks. I ran in the dark after work one night after complaining to Ben that I didn't want to run. I decided to change my route and I ended up running 3 miles. Three miles! It's been less than two months and I can run three miles. That's a whole 5K.

I really do not know how to explain how difficult a goal this was for me to make. Even while making it I didn't fully believe that I would get out there and jog around the streets. But, I did! And, while I have not run since last Thursday I have this new goal- to get up early and run in the morning. Eek. Yes, I think I need to at least try. That way I am running when there's more light outside and it gives me time for yoga in the afternoon.

So. Set your goals. Even if while setting them you're second guessing what you can do. You can do it. Now that I'm at 5K I'm going to have to keep going until I can run 7K and 10K and who knows how much further!