Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the yoga challenge

I'm ready to talk about yoga.

Normally yoga is a private thing for me that I am not willing to talk about much, for no specific reason except that it's just for me. In 2011, though, yoga will play a bigger part in my life. Starting with the yoga challenge.

Now, I should explain that there are technically two yoga challenges for me. The first one began on January 1st when i decided that I would practice yoga every single day of 2011. I was going strong for the first few days with only a few difficulties. One was that I had to find the time to fit in a daily practice. This shouldn't be such a big deal except that it's so cold and dark here in the morning that I didn't want to wake up early and was sometimes busy until late at night. Time, however, was not the biggest challenge. Today is only the 12th and I have to admit the 365 days of yoga has ended. When I got sick on December 23rd I developed a tough cough that has stuck with me. This annoying cough actually gave me what feels like a pulled muscle over my ribs. It's not a dangerous injury but it is super annoying and actually pretty painful. Therefore, I chose to stop my intensive daily yoga practice and bring it down a notch until I heal. So far I'm not better but I think I'm on the mend!

The second yoga challenge begins this Saturday! New Orleans studio and boutique, LifeYoga, is doing a month long program where $99 buys you unlimited access to all of their yoga classes. On top of that, the challenge aspect is that starting January 15th the goal is to attend one yoga class every day for a month. LifeYoga is actually giving out rewards for anyone who completes the challenge successfully including a t-shirt, water bottle, massages, portrait session, 25% of the next purchase, and an entry to win 3 months of free yoga. Go HERE for more info from LifeYoga on the 30 day challenge and join me!

I'm really excited about the 30 day yoga challenge. I am going to continue with my daily yoga practice after I complete the first month with LifeYoga. Already, I am antsy to get back on my mat and I am definitely not practicing the other aspects of yoga as much as I do when I am consistent with my physical practice. Hopefully my muscle will feel a lot better by Saturday when I get back on my mat for a strenuous practice...I can't wait :)

taken at Audubon park- November 2010


  1. Wow, that sounds like an incredible little promotion they're running. I'll be cheering you on for your daily yoga challenge! I just took my first yoga class ever last week and have been to two so far. I'm definitely hooked.

  2. Yay to the Yoga challenge. It sounds like an interesting promotion.
    I agree with you that getting up in the dark and cold for doing yoga is difficult. I find it challenging every morning ;-)