Saturday, March 5, 2011

beads, beads, and more beads

all of our plain beads so far... 

Carnival is going strong. Rain and issues with the police being able to keep everyone safe made the parades have to change some routes, times, and days. Today Krewe of Tuck moved up to 10am and Krewe of Isis followed them immediately after. The rain started coming down pretty heavy during Isis but that only made it more fun!
The rain kept us inside watching movies, snuggling, practicing yoga, making snacks, and also sorting through the hundreds of beads that have piled up on our floor. There are so many I can't even count. But, I did sort them into three piles: plain, cool shapes/colors, and super fun ones. So, before we go out tonight I thought i'd show you how awesome some of the mardi gras beads are. We've caught some good ones. 
i like the crown, beer bottles, die, fleur de lis, and ones that spell muses
the dancing with the muses square flashes but i love the pink necklace with clear high heel
oooh my favorite is the black and gold footballs & fleur de lis!!
Babylon one lights up in 4 different colors. Also the blue high heels from Muses rock.
how awesome are these beads?! crawfish hot sauce, oysters!
And it's only Saturday...Tomorrow Endymion and Bacchus both roll out!! I'm overwhelmed just thinking about that. Plus there's Thoth, Okeanos, and more. We'll probably have double this number of beads by tomorrow night. Then it's Lundi Gras and then Fat Tuesday!!! Mardi Gras!!!!


  1. this is too cute! i love it :)

  2. awesome. so much fun.kyle.wish i can see it live said i should be older. p.s. remember the penis.

  3. Holy beads Batman! That's an impressive collection!

    Watching movies and snuggling sounds and yoga and snacks? Sounds like the perfect afternoon! :)

  4. whoa! that's awesome! what are you going to do with all these treasures now?!

  5. Hey everyone! Well, while I was gone on my yoga trip Ben brought all of the boringish beads to a facility that recycles them! Thank goodness for that since we were drowning in so many of them :) I've seen some people use the old glass ones to make jewerly- i'm wondering what I could make.