Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Krewes of Oshun and Pontchartrain

Well, Carnival is upon us and going full swing. Starting tonight there is at least one parade that I want to catch every single day until Mardi Gras (next Tuesday). Tonight we're taking it easy with Krewe of Druids. Tomorrow, however, there is Knights of Babylon, Krewe of Muses, and Krewe of Chaos going through Uptown. There's also Krewe of Rokkus going through the French Quarter with Better than Ezra and Pat Green rocking out on their floats. But, since i'm probably going to pee my pants I'm so excited over Krewe of Muses I'm going to stick Uptown. Plus, the parades are literally two blocks from my house so I can run around anywhere I want and still make it home very easily.

Now that we've gone to our fair share of parades I am beginning to work out a system. It's complicated. Do I bring my camera and be that girl who takes photos and gets hit in the face with a string of beads? They really hurt! Also who can get a good photo with all the movement and excitement? Actually my friend Jeffrey Dupuis definitely can and I suggest you check out his page! Back to me, if I have my camera i'm super concerned the whole time about beer splashing onto it or me dropping it to catch a stuffie. So, I've only taken photos of a few parades. To get ready for the craziness coming up i'll post a few photo of Krewe of Oshun and Krewe of Pontchartrain. Enjoy!

Krewe of Oshun...

Krewe of Pontchartrain...

This last photo is me wearing only the green, gold, and purple beads that I caught. Every single other color went to Ben to wear. That should show you how many beads one person catches at a single parade. There are literally hundreds on my living room floor right now. Annnnd, those are the cups we caught after giving away a handful to friends. Can't wait to catch myself a sparkly high heel or vuvuzela at Muses tomorrow! 

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    awwww.......i miss new orleans so so much!! we lost everything in katrina and relocated after that! blessings to you. so nice meeting you