Wednesday, May 11, 2011

medical school- T1 comes to an end

adorable, wild, little boys at the fly

Oh hayy there bloggie. I kinda forgot about you for a bit.

Well, the truth is, I didn't forget. I sometimes just wonder what I am doing on here. Initially I had two ideas about this bloggeroo- 1) to write about the recovery of Nola from an outside perspective as I had just moved here and have lots to say (Ben's mom's idea) or 2) another significant other's view of medical school...
I went with neither and just chose to ramble on about whatever I wanted at that moment. (Hope you like it!)

I haven't had much to say about medical school. Before we moved I began reading all types of blogs and articles and whatever I could find about the lives of medical school students and their girlfriends, fiances, and wives. Nothing I found was encouraging. Everyone had that "i'm gonna put a smile on my face while I'm miserable" attitude. Lots of women talked about raising children completely alone since their partner was either in class or at the hospital for days. Literally, days. Sleeping there and working and coming home for a quick shower. I also had to read about the stress that the students go through when it's time for the big tests, for instance at the end of year 2. Then when I got a little further I read about people flying all over the country and taking out loans to pay for trips to interview for residencies.


Then I got here. And, It's just not that bad at all. It's not even bad. Ben has way more free time than I ever had in graduate school. Some nights I'd get home at 7pm and have literally hundreds of pages of reading, something to write, needing to shower and eat and breathe and do it again the next day except actually seeing real live clients. But Ben is managing his time really well (not that I didn't). So far there has only been one time where I really wanted to do something (go out somewhere?) and Ben said he needed to stay in and work.

But lately I have a feeling that that is going to change. Maybe it's because last Friday he took his final test of Year 1 and moved on to be a T2. Maybe it's because he had been around a lot and now is in school 8-3:15 at least every day. Or that we only have one car so he's been leaving the house at 6:30 and walking to school or I've been driving all around New Orleans taking him places. Or, more likely, it could be that he is leaving me here for an entire month while he lives where google says is 2 hours and 10minutes away...without a car (him not me)...doesn't know how he'll get back and in a hospital... Oh and while I was going to be driving him to and from on Fridays and Sundays, I now am teaching on Friday nights. Then there's this weekend where I'll be traveling "home" without him because he is in medical school and can't afford financially or career wise to be taking off and traveling. Ugh!

Sigh. But, besides this one little blip, medical school has treated me well so far. I am looking forward to his T2 adventures and I'm sure I'll have more to say about the topic as we go along. And, a lot of fun has come from medical school. I love that they have block parties celebrating the end of a block. I like going to their fancy Owl banquet dinner nights. I liked when we did lab group potlucks (hey, we haven't done one of those in a while!).  Last weekend they got kegs at the fly and just hung around in the gorgeous Louisiana sun. I got to play with adorable, funny, tiny children. Wanna see?

one from the Owl Banquet since we love Sean and they look cute :)
ahh adorable!!
how cute! I got so lucky capturing these moments
maybe my new favorite photo ever?
girl time
this is what happens when i've been drinking...i tell other people to do things
While I don't consider "acro-yoga" to really be yoga...eek i know, sorry guys!...I still think it's super fun and want to try some more :) Look how good my med friends are at it! Take away message: Medical school is, overall, a lot of fun. Even if you're not in it ;)

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