Friday, June 10, 2011

photo challenge: day 9

day 9: a photo of something from far away

(posted on day 10)

these homes need some love
When you move here everyone will tell you that New Orleans changes dramatically with each street you go down. That seems weird and almost impossible for someone to understand who hasn't spent time here. But, it's true. Yes, some neighborhoods are pretty similar across the blocks. But, oftentimes, you can walk one street with million(s) dollar mansions and then the next street will have houses boarded up, with broken windows, and lots of times those houses are the ones with people gathered all around them spending time outside. It's really quite interesting and something you have to experience for yourself. When someone moving here says that they want to live in a safe neighborhood I tell them that the best way to do that is to be a good person, know your neighbors, and choose a place where you feel good walking around because New Orleans is not a place to live where you want to stay inside. And, don't worry so much about walking down a "scary" street- people are naturally friendly and talkative here and not always looking to snatch your purse (just be smart).

The top photo is the central business district, taken from the highway. Except I don't think people call it the highway here- maybe the thruway or freeway or something. The second one is a few blocks down from my place where there are always little children playing outside but the houses look abandoned- maybe the owners didn't have enough money to rebuild after the big K.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. Off to day 10!

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