Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Linens in August

People down here always say that August is too hot for festivals- but there are two this month that are held at night, fans are passed out, and we wear white linens to *try and keep cool. Of course, it doesn't work and even in the middle of the night you sweat through your clothes. But, it's fun. At the first one, art galleries (and there are at lot in New Orleans) in the Warehouse District open their doors and invite us all in- it's lovely.

We went to our second White Linen Night this month. Read about last year's white linen here. This year we went with friends but didn't have such an easy time finding as many free drinks or food as last year. Also, it was incredibly crowded- making it difficult to appreciate the art when people's sweat is dripping on you. We decided to leave a little bit early and walk over to our friend's new place in the quarter, and try to see the apartment next door that he thinks we could move into. On the way there we found a little buffet with jambalaya, cheese dip, crackers, and drinks. So we spent some time there and then moved on.

Here's just a few photos that I took on the way there and at White Linen Night:
i love the architecture here

a little break in the sea of white
live models- i liked the outfit on the one on the right
that man barely moved and the woman is a great model, using her body in beautiful shocking ways

Last weekend was Dirty Linen Night. You're supposed to wear your dirty white linens, but I was surprised that people were in their regular colorful clothes. Maybe I got it wrong. Or maybe a lot of them were tourists, because dirty linen night is in the quarter. We saw many beautiful pieces of art and thought it was much more successful than the week before. My camera battery died so I didn't have the opportunity to take photos at dirty linen- which is a little bit of a blessing because sometimes it's more fun to put the camera away and just enjoy the night.

Here's what I got at Dirty Linen:
my friend and I in matching outfits with the same purse, unplanned

Pretty common to have a parade with live band walk by you in New Orleans.


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