Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween- Save the Date

Oh, wow. I haven't read a blog or written a blog post since the beginning of September. It's now November. Oh well, life happens. I'm gonna try writing this one on my iPad.

Lots has been going on. Changes, some happy some sad. And finally, our wedding planning is pushing on! While I was in CT last month I managed to secure a photographer and buy my dress. Since that's happened I really have slowed my progress down. Because all that matters is the dress, right? Just kiddin.

We've had successes, like the dress, and setbacks like the officiant and DJ not working out. While I was in CT at a party we were talking about doing a photo or video save the date to email out to everyone. Since people will be traveling from Michigan, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Orleans we wanted to let them know about ten months in advance so they could plan accordingly. My uncle suggested dressing up as a bride and groom for Halloween and sitting at a table with champagne glasses cheering and then saying save the date. I started to tell Ben about this idea the day before Halloween and he decided it was great.

So, the night before Halloween we ran around to thrift stores looking for a suit for him and a wedding gown for me. We needed a veil, gloves, face paint, etc. Somehow, we pulled it all off. The next day we carved pumpkins before tearing, cutting, and soiling our clothes. Then we picked up our friend Gabe who helped us with filming.

The whole thing only took a few hours, and then a few more to put together on a computer, and voila! It's done. We sent it out to our guest list (almost everyone got it) on Halloween!

Take a look and let us know what you think:

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  1. Such a great idea! We all loved it.

    I just emailed you this morning about wedding details, but you've answered some of my questions with this post. I can't wait to see how your wedding all comes together. I'm sure it will be beautiful!