Tuesday, September 28, 2010

happiness lists

Okay, I have a much better peaceful calm today.
I must say, I did not practice yoga or meditate or even read a good book yesterday. I stayed in pjs. I went out for a coffee and that's it. Meh. Sometimes you have to let it all out, or else it turns into cancer (just sayin).

But before I let my whininess get out of control I wrote down a list of things that I'm grateful for that even Oprah would be proud of.

What i'm grateful for right now:
last fall in Arnold Arboretum, Boston '09
every day with Ben, it makes it all worth it
my basil plant 
daily yoga practice 
time to read for fun 
\ my camera
my health and that of my loved ones 
\ online communities and social media 
feeling safe in my neighborhood 
phone calls with old friends 
cheap candles that smell like autumn 
long days of sunshine 
yelp elite status 
living near starbucks 
saturdays- a whole day with Ben!
bike rides 
having time and a bigger kitchen to bake in

cupcakes October '09
I also decided to write a list of things that make me happy and that I can turn to in NOLA when i'm feelin down (yah, it's repetitive- i don't care because i love lists!):
b yoga
b time with Ben
b a good book
b walks outside  
baking something new
calling a friend
b riding my bike
b dancing
b sending letters
b chocolate
helping others/making connections
b the tv show scrubs
b making lists....
flowers from Gramme B. Dec '09

Thanks to everyone who read my holiday heartache post and reached out to me. I appreciate it! Ben and I will welcome anyone who wants to over to our house for Thanksgiving and I'll cook up a huge meal! Also, we laughed last night about how fun Christmas was a few years ago when we had to stay alone in Boston because of my job :P 
Hope you're making peace with your "let-downs" today!

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