Tuesday, September 14, 2010

some judgements on New Orleans

Well, I've been in New Orleans for a few months now and I am ready to make some statements about what i've heard, felt, tasted, and seen:

  • the summers are hot hot hot!
  • if you're in a window seat on the streetcar you may be hit by a branch as it passes a tree. 
  • there are lots of cockroaches, but people here call them palmetto bugs.
  • the streets are so torn up it's almost impossible to walk without stubbing a toe and your car will need new tires every 2 months.
  • there are sharks and stingrays in the gulf water, and the water is hot!
  • you're still in New Orleans if you cross the Mississippi river, which only takes about 30 seconds.
  • the vegetarian food has meat in it and everything here is fried.
  • southern magnolia trees smell so sweet when they bloom.
  • everyone either calls me ma'am or baby.
  • po boys are what the north calls subs (and new orleans natives would be outraged at that statement).
  • there is jazz/blues/etc in almost every bar every night.
  • people eat fried alligator on a stick.
  • so many people walk around with large drinks in their hand- soda, daiquiri, or maybe beer.
  • the libraries have not been restored since Katrina, but they're trying.
  • the city is a big basin for rain and the streets flood easily.
  • the thunderstorms are impressive.
  • the whole city is crazy for the Saints.
  • an avocado is called an alligator pear, a sidewalk is a banquette, a closet a locker, a median the neutral ground, and free stuff (like a cookie with your coffee) is a lagniappe. 
  • the street Tchoupitoulas is Chop. 
  • people love life. they really do live life to its fullest. and i love that!
So, whatddya think? Seem like a place you'd like to live? 

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  1. That was a very interesting list, and it still makes me want to visit NOLA! I'm a bit surprised that their vegetarian meals have meat in them though. Is that their way of just flat out rejecting that whole ideology? lol.

    I love that avocados are alligator pears! Such an accurate way to describe them! They must really have a thing for alligators... :)