Sunday, September 12, 2010

talk derby to me

Okay okay, i know, i have not written on this thing in over a month. but, in my defense, i was very honest in the beginning in saying that this may not go anywhere. i'm just finding it hard to be motivated to type up what's going on in my life and send it off to the world to read. (it's awkward)

But i have to tell you about something i experienced last night: THE BIG EASY ROLLERGIRLS
Yes, i went to the roller derby. Ben was invited by the league doctor who is a part of the family doctor interest group at school. I had heard about this and was excited to check it out!

Now, for those of you who think this is about girls skating around in their undies slamming into each other, you're mostly correct. haha. But, it is a sport and there are rules to the game. There are different positions on the team: Jammer, Pivot, and Blocker. There are rules about who can do what when and even penalties and scores. 

Let me explain a little: Each time the girls take off to try to score is called a Jam (love the name!). The Jammers are the girls who move through the pack and try to score by passing opposing teammates, the pivot(ers) are one to a team and direct the pack by setting the pace, and the blockers make sure that their jammer can get through while the opposing jammer gets slammed to the floor. You can tell who is who by their helmets- Jammers get stars, Pivoters get a strip, all the rest are plain/stickered. 

All this, on roller-skates. It's so exciting!

Once we figured it all out and we could pick out our team and cheer them along. Actually, the Big Easy Rollergirls have their own cheerleaders, known as the PussyFooters, who don a lot of sparkly pink and get the crowd going. There were also two announcers- Skip 4-Play who was wearing a large white pimp suit and Reverend Psych Ward who had on some kind of cape- to explain the action and make some noise. 

There was a half-time band (J.D. Hill and the Jammers):
And the rolling Elvi who threw tons of candy at the audience: 

These characters were all so amusing. Even the skating referees were dressed up and had interesting names: Henry Roll-ins, S'aint N.O. Lady, Scoot McGoot! And they got taken out almost as much as the rollergirls! Last night we got to see the Crescent Wenches (New Orleans) versus the Red Stick All-Stars (Baton Rouge). The girls on both teams have great monikers. 
Here's a few:
Anti Em, Bang Crosby, Tchoup'er, Vieux Careen, Tabitcha, Tank Goodness, Moxie Balboa, Turbo Tyek, and Brat O'Tat. haha. 

And one of the best parts is that Nola Brewing Co 
(our fav beer and our friend Dylan's company) was served and had cute fliers up: 

Sorry for the bad photo quality, but at least you get to see the girls in action: 

In the end, the New Orleans Crescent City Wenches won by a landslide!!
Wondering if they have rollerderby girls in every city?


  1. Sounds like a fun time! There's the Boston Derby Dames....I had a co-worker who was on the team, though I've never actually gone.

    Miss you guys, I hope all is well!

  2. Awesome! My friend Heather (a.k.a. Vieux Careen) plays for the Crescent City Wenches!

  3. Haven't been to a derby but I did have welts on the back of my legs from them at the Running of the Bulls that turned into bruises. The girls can smack down with the best of them.

  4. Whitney- I never knew about it in Boston! You should check it out sometime, it's fun. I saw you did a blog while in Rome. I'm hoping to keep writing updates on my life for everyone back home- but i don't really know what this will turn into :P

    Kimberly- i saw your friend! hah awesome!

    Suzie- I was at the Running of the Bulls too...but not on purpose. We actually woke up early on that Saturday to go to the farmers market. We biked over and saw tons of people drinking, dancing, and wearing some pretty funky outfits all early on a Saturday. Those girls are tough. But why did they bruise you? haha

  5. Love the title of this post, hehe. It definitely looks like an interesting sport to watch, but I can't say I've ever seen it advertised around here! Now I'm curious...