Monday, February 21, 2011

Krewe du Vieux

This past Saturday I went to my first ever Mardi Gras parade- Krewe du Vieux! They were celebrating its 25th year as it wound down Royal in the French Quarter (Vieux Carre). Each sub-krewe has its own theme but the overall theme this year was 25 years Wasted. Each sub-krewe also had its own satirical political message. There were multiple brass bands walking with the parade. In keeping with tradition the floats were pulled by mules (those poor things). While almost every single float had a large penis on it and there was a big crowd of sperms walking in it there were also some very young children watching. I met up with some Yelpers and one of them was with her mom- which was very cool because I got tons of hints and history about Mardi Gras. And, I knew someone walking in the Jewish sub-krewe! I ended up getting hugged and kissed by strangers, dancing in the streets, and catching some throws. I got a plastic Krewe du Vieux to-go cup, a kazoo in lip shape, a whistle, a plastic rose, a wooden dreidel, bath salts, a drink coozie, and a doubloon! My favorite "throw" (they weren't actually thrown just placed on my neck) were the glass beads a girl gave me and I've been wearing every day since.

Here's some photos:

It was so much fun. I think everyone should experience Mardi Gras at least once in their life. I can't wait for the rest of the parades! There's a TON more coming up this week!


  1. How fun! I see your a fellow Bostonian. Thanks for stopping by my blog I hope you enjoyed the puffs!
    If you see Harry Connick Jr @ any mardi gras events tell him I said Hi :-)