Wednesday, February 16, 2011

big decisions and some babbling

Wednesday! Half way through the work week..oh wait, I'm not working. Well then, half way through Ben's school week. Although I'm not working I am still trying to get stuff done. This week I cleaned my apartment top to bottom. It really needed it since we had both been so busy. Yesterday I ran errands, researched some possible adventures, and planned some new recipes. So far today I've slept in until 8, made coffee and plunked a big piece of chocolate in it, and added some pearls of wisdom to the yelp talk thread. But, it's early so I've got the whole day to plan something great. Staying at home not going out to work has already got me antsy so I'm taking up running again this week (at 70F it's more than warm enough here). I'm also going to sign up to volunteer at the LASPCA to walk the dogs around my neighborhood with "adopt me" signs on them!!

Yesterday I made a huge decision that involves taking a chance and doing something I love. It makes my tummy flutter to think of it. I'm excited and terrified and suddenly feel like an adult who is capable of creating a life wherever I find myself, taking risks, and balancing all this instability in my life while still having the most perfect relationship with the best man in the world <3 sigh... :) This time around being jobless i'm thinking positively.

But mostly, I'm still focused on Mardi Gras. This Saturday is my first parade - Krewe de Vieux!! I'm so excited. I even know someone riding in it- and he's throwing pink and black whips. I already know that I will not be getting one of those since you have to "earn" the big prizes :P

neighbors decorate with last years beads
Hopefully my next post will be a review of the splendor of my first mardi gras parade.

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  1. I'm loving your attitude in this post! Tell us more about this doing what you love idea!