Thursday, April 7, 2011

bookmaking by bida

Wanna see my new journal? So nice, right? I love this gold and turquoise swirly print. Guess where I got it...
I made it! 

I sometimes get these crazy ideas to try something new. Most of the time it's in the kitchen. Today I went out and bought silver and shiny-white card stock paper, cardboard type stuff, and this pretty covering paper. I talked to owners and staff in different art stores who all said I should not try this on my own but instead I should take a class at a community college or something. Well, I went home and tried it on my own. I sewed together a bunch of pieces of paper- which is called a signature. Then I sewed all of the signatures together. Then I looked at the mess I had made. 

After that, I created a spine and two hard covers. I fashioned this cover on. I made nice gold sheets for the inside. And then I put all of the signatures in there, hoping they didn't stick together or rip out or just look all uneven.

It is definitely not perfect. But I'm pretty pleased with how it came out on my first try. I measured nothing at all and I had no method to my sewing madness. Next time I'll think through the sewing a little better- and i'll clip the papers all together while I sew (it was so hard to hold them in place!) 

Here's some more photos, courtesy of a dark room and my iPhone camera.

glittering white pages
oh jeez my sewing is crazy- it's so much harder than it looks!
it looks grey here but this is a shiny silver
sometimes it has both colors on a spread

I can't wait to come up with a plan for how to make this a little neater and try again. I'm thinking a ruler would help. I wonder what i'll fill this with?

Books By Bida...i like it :)


  1. Look at you go! Is there an Etsy shop in your future?

  2. aw, you're sweet. but not yet! i'm still working on them.
    i do have an etsy shop in mind for another project...still in the planning phase though! when is your mom going to get hers going so i can order some bags?