Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Engagement Presents

I never thought that when I got engaged to be married I would receive presents. I just hadn't thought of it. I did think that all of my friends and family would be nearby and we could have a dinner and a party to celebrate together. But Ben says we have to wait for summer to get up North. How wonderful then was it when packages started showing up at my front door. My paternal grandmother was the first to send a beautiful card and some money so we could go out and celebrate, which we wouldn't have been able to otherwise. Then a huge box appeared on my doorstep one day last week. Inside was this...
fun bubble wrap- i'm excited already

the prettiest box

with a bow

from Cohasset!!

Inside the gray velvet bag was this beautiful silver tray. Immediately I became obsessed- as we never have anything to serve food on nicely- and just loved it. It is from Ben's Gramme & Grandfather and came with a really cute card. Thanks Gramme and Grandfather, we love it!

And thank you so much to everyone who has sent cards- they're all so sweet and are wonderful to receive. It's lovely to hear from so many people who are happy about our upcoming wedding..and speaking of wedding...i'm trying to do some planning, but it's so hard! So far all I know is I would like it to be in Nola's City Park (maybe?) and I found a dress (online) that I would love to try on <3 

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