Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a timely gift

When you invite negativity in, it brings all its nasty friends.

Ever have one of those days? Well, I feel like I'm having one of those weeks...or more.

When I told my mom I was going up North to Boston and to visit Ben's half of the family, she said that it'll be so nice but definitely hard to leave and come back to Nola. I told her, no way. I completely thought I would be fine just having a short visit and then returning back here. I am liking New Orleans and doing fine.
But then I came back. It's too hot to be outside and I immediately missed the fresh air and nature. I miss our family. I miss my friends. I love being back in our own home and I definitely missed my bed. But I remembered how nice it was to be back where our "home" was for a while with the people we love. Mom was right.
Then, this week, I thought that I finally found a place that I liked and we could afford for the wedding. It's been 4 months of hell and a lot of tears over trying to find a place that's convenient for everyone but us, affordable so everyone can come, etc. Well, looks like that's not going to work, and on top of it I'm arguing with my Grandma. Who argues with their Grandmother for heavens sakes? My skin is literally boiling into what looks like bubbles all over my torso. Gross!!! AND that's frustrating because I don't have health insurance- which is why my wrist is just wrapped up and i'm guessing it's carpal tunnel. Then, I looked over the old doctor bills that I can't pay and that have gone to collections and got even angrier. I'm now ruining my credit and in debt. Ahh, what a crazy downward spiral this week has taken!

So, yesterday I ran errands. I cleaned the house, I filled the fridge, I made the bed, I did the dishes and the laundry, I wrote, I had a lovely jivamukti practice (but had to sit out a lot of it in leu of the wrist). But, I felt sick and negative still.
So I baked. I baked scrumptious 7 layer bars and got in bed early. Then in the middle of the night I awoke to noise in the kitchen- it was a rodent eating the 7 layer bars!! Ben had told me he'd put them away safely. So, those were ruined.

I woke up this morning in a funk. Still feeling sick, I skipped breakfast. I cancelled my yoga practice since I think what may be carpal tunnel has set in for a while. And I went to the post office where I knew a package was waiting.

Here's what was in it:
pretty exciting- it's a huge box!

this is 10 pairs of shorts and one denim skirt!!

3 pretty shirts and a lululemon power y

a pink lulu bra, 2 pairs of brand new leggings, one lulu groove pant, and hard tail yoga pants!

skirts, tops, etc!

wow, the loot
Yup, all of those free clothes!

I was talking to my sister a little while ago and mentioned I don't have any shorts- i'm always in yoga clothes. She said she was going to give some away...and she sent these all to me! Besides those two leggings and a few tops (which my Grams bought me) the rest are my sister's "old" clothes that she is giving me. Crazy! This is probably almost as big as all of the clothes I own (at least my summer clothes collection).

So, this wonderful gift came at a good time. And I realized that getting out of your tiny little world and focusing on helping someone else is an amazing way to jolt yourself out of the negativity spiral. So, I'm off to figure out how to do that today (as my Grandpa says, how to make the world a better place today).

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  1. enjoy the gifts and take one dat at a time.