Sunday, August 28, 2011

what is that chanting?

Pretty often I get a huge compliment after yoga classes: people are always asking me about my playlist and saying how much they like them! I am so very pleased that my students are enjoying the music I choose for their classes. I take time when making playlists and almost always have a home practice to the music before playing it in class. It's important. Sometimes we use more gentle music, with less vocals, and sometimes we play chants in sanskrit or popular music that you hear on the radio. I hope that you've all enjoyed what I've played so far and continue to in the future. 

This week I received an email from a student asking me to share my playlists. Well, I think I will :) 

I'll start with a June playlist from lunch flow (which is a 60 minute class) and soon follow up with my July lunch flow classes. In September I'll share my August playlist for lunch flow. If you'd ever like to hear my longer playlist- from all other 1.5 hour classes, please just leave a comment or email me. Here ya go!

If you click on the linked songs you will go to youtube so you can listen to them, but they may not be the 'official' videos.

June Lunch Flow Playlist- 13 songs, 1:08:26 total time
8) Elephant Power (feat. Bhagavan Das)- MC Yogi (another live video, not a great one- sorry)

Enjoy! Please also let me know what you think by leaving a comment. And, don't judge me for putting New Soul on there. It's a great song even though it's played way too often in yoga classes ;) 

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