Friday, August 5, 2011


I've had some good fortune on the interwebz lately. For the past few months I've been keeping my eyes open on twitter and facebook while playing around and entered into a few contests. 

For instance, all I had to do was retweet a blogger's tweet and I won this beautiful rose necklace from Odelma (on Etsy).
Then, I commented on SlowSouthernStyle's blog and won a Emma Graham skirt!
Then, and I can't even remember how, I won a book called Writing Yoga from YogaDork.

Last weekend we were able to go to the International Piano Competition Finals because I won tickets on twitter from 89.9 WWNO, which I saw on twitter! We were soo lucky!! Also, in case you ask, Ben made us leave right before they announced the we could think of them all as winners- they were Incredible!

Then I saw a post on Yogitoes' facebook asking us to post a photo of our vacation or staycation with our Yogitoes skidless towel and they would choose 5 winners. There were beautiful scenes with gorgeous asanas but I thought I had something special. So, I posted this photo of Benjamin in vrksasana (tree pose) near this amazingly beautiful old New Orleans tree:
i can't find the original! so i had to nab this from facebook...

this is my yogitoes skidless towel that i use over my mat when i'm sweaty (ie all the time)

And I won!! Probably due to my great model. For a while the five photos that won were on the front page of the Yogitoes website. 

As a winner, yogitoes told us they were sending a special little something along and I recently received this package in the mail:

Yay! How fun! 
Those are four bright and summery Yogitoes hBANDS which are headbands, wristbands, eye covers in savasana...or if you're my fiance they're awesome things to wear on your thighs while you run around the house. We may have also wrapped them around our heads like gauze :) hehe  What a great present!

But, it gets even better. Two of my most favorite things in the world are yoga and chocolate. And Yogitoes gets this... I also won my choice of whatever flavor fearless chocolate bar I wanted!!

I chose Exploding Coconuts, which is a bar of "rich raw coconut flakes detonate in palm sweetened (low glycemic!) cacao bliss...70% cacao." The ingredients are only organic raw cacao, organic coconut palm sugar, organic raw shredded coconut. 

Awesome right! Ah, but there's more!! Fearless Chocolate also sent along a one month subscription to their chocolate-of-the-month club, which they call Eat Mail. You pay your subscription dues and then each month they send along whatever they think of making!! I received two whatta-a-melon seedy bars.

front and back
If you haven't tried Fearless before go check them out. It's a really great company. Their icon is a toy elephant, my favorite animal! The chocolate is 100% Kosher, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, and they don't overcook the chocolate so it's technically RAW meaning there's so many more antioxidants than regular ol' chocolate bars from the corner store. One day I will be wealthy enough to be in the Eat Mail chocolate club. Until then, thank you so much to Yogitoes and Fearless for the great prizes! 

Next time you see a contest and think "aw i'll never win," give it a try! You never know what could happen :) 


  1. Dang! I'm impressed! I've won maybe one or two giveaways in my time on the internets. Sounds like you've definitely got a lucky streak going!

    And that chocolate and coconut sounds divine.

  2. I think it's because I'm now on twitter/facebook and the internet so much because of my social media job. Plus, there's definitely something lucky going on in my life :)

    The chocolate is dark and luxurious and after I posted this I got an email from Ben's dad saying he signed us up for the chocolate of the month "eat mail" club!!

  3. whenever i see chocolate that shows percentage cacao, i always think of one day at 804 when Ben asked "what percent cacao" something had and he and Dan cracked up about it for days - do you remember that?

  4. haha of course i remember that! i'm sorry that we missed you during our super short stay in boston. i can't believe you're moving across the country! literally everyone i knew during undergrad moved to california, so i'm adding you to the list. also i miss hearing those two laugh and joke around about the most ridiculous things.


  5. It's too bad we missed you - but I know how it is, you had a lot of people to see and places to be! Please feel free to come visit us in SF (there really are a lot of friends out there!)... We have been dying to visit NOLA, so hopefully someday soon we can do that too :)

    They really were quite a pair - I miss their antics as well.....hopefully we'll see you soon!!