Thursday, September 15, 2011

doin it for God

One night at yoga camp we had bugged our fearless leader, Ganga White, enough so that he finally agreed to teach us about the history of Tantra.

After dinner he walked through the dining room and exclaimed loudly, "Anyone who wants to talk about doing it for God be in the asana room in two minutes."

No matter who you are practicing for- sending love to a friend- or devoting practice to a higher power- your yoga practice is about you. Have you ever kicked up into a handstand knowing that your arms were feeling weak? Did you ever take that extra bind because you wanted your teacher to be impressed? Or maybe a cute girl happened to be on that mat next to you and you wanted her to see how badass your trikonasana was so you grabbed your big toe and overstreched your muscles.

Well, yoga is for you. I recently wrote a short little post about it and sent it to Elephant Journal who, today, published it! It's my first professional yoga writing! It's super short and easy to read. Check it out: Make Your Yoga Yours

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