Monday, September 12, 2011

Listen up!

I've gotta say, this is an exciting post :) Well, to me it is.

I love music. I love yoga. Yoga + Music (to me) = mind blowing.

I said that I would post the music I play in yoga classes each month...but I decided to skip right to August since it's been my favorite playlist so far. It's fun and still relaxing/peaceful. Hope you think so too. One of my students told me that when she can't get to the studio she practices at home to the playlist!


1) Shalom/Salaam- Matisyahu from Youth
2) Shiva Puja and Chant- Krishna Das from Heart As Wide as the World (couldn't find a perfect version, but this live one is close).
3) Be the Change- MC Yogi  (not great, but kinda fun to see a live version) from Elephant Power
here's another link to that song: Be the change (this is much better)
4) You've Got the Love- Florence + The Machine (Featuring The xx) from You've Got the Love Single
5) Om Purnam II- Deva Premal from Dakshina
6) Bangles- Niraj Chag from Putumayo Presents Yoga
7) I Will Be Light- Matisyahu from Light
8) Bolo Ram- Wah! from Putumayo Presents Yoga
9) Ave Maria- Chris Cornell from Great Expectations Soundtrack
10) Ruled by Secrecy- Muse from Absolution
11) Cerulean- Ben Leinbach & Geoffrey Gordon from Putumayo Presents Yoga

I love every one of these songs. Some of them, like Cerulean I use over and over. That particular song is just so nice when it's loud and you're blissed out in savasana.

My 90minute yoga playlist for August also had:
- Haiti by the Arcade Fire
- December by Norah Jones
- Emperor of the Air by Kingsley Durant (ben's dad!)
- Carries on by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
and more... I may reuse these songs for September so i'm not linking to them..also, it takes too much time and I need to go check my mocha brownies :)

Leave me a comment and let me know what you like to listen to while practicing- or any other time of the day! Maybe I can use a suggestion in my next playlist. Happy Listening!

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